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Documentaries, TV Dramas, Movies, Series, News, Sports, Music, Cartoons and Lifestyle channels watch them all only on Freeview HD. With up to 12 channels in HD and the best of all – everything is subscription Free.

2 Brand new Documentary channels from Next Step
Samrujlok HD and Animal Show HD exclusively only on Freeview HD and Digital TV stunning full HD quality

WHY Freeview HD

Freeview HD Feel the difference
Freeview HD is a new HD satellite TV receiver on KU Band (utilizing a small dish) that supports 1080P Full HD. Providing more bandwidth for channels and transmitting with a more robust signal quality Freeview HD offers amazing detail, natural colors and enhances your TV viewing experience even more when watching on a Full HD or 4K (Ultra HD) TV set.

Selection of quality TV channels by Next Step
We Believe that quality TV channels and quality TV Content plays an important role to support people in gaining knowledge through the power of media in order to build a “knowledgeable society”

Freeview HD easy to Install and nice on the eye
The Freeview HD satellite dishes in either 60cm or 75cm diameter are easy to install and do not use a lot of space. Combined with the DUO LNB Head (receiving device on your dish) you can watch even more channels than before.

One Box for all your needs
Freeview HD carefully selects the channels but has something for everyone, because we know what matters – all in one box.

No additional cost and subscription fees
Why pay for TV channels that you don’t watch. With Freeview HD you can enjoy Thailand’s top Free TV channels in HD, High quality Documentary channels in HD plus the top satellite channels – and all of it for no subscription fee. All together 12 channels in HD and more than 40 channels in SD.

TV that you really want to watch; TV that you are interest in; TV that you can enjoy


The Best CartoonsFreeview also offers the best cartoon channels with international cartoon hits like looney tunes, Tom & Jerry, Ben 10, Power Puff girls, Scooby Doo and many more on Boomerang.

Aside from that another top cartoon channel well known with the kids is Toonami, with all of the kids favorite Superheroes like Superman, Batman, Justice League and many more.

Movies and series : Looking for the latest Hollywood series and movies then tune into Mono29, Mono Plus, M Channel or on New TV every day at 9.30PM

Thai Dramas in stunning HD : With Freeview HD you can now watch all of Thailand’s top free TV channels in stunning HD. Watch your favorite Soap operas and dramas from channel 3HD, 7HD, PPTV, and ONE HD in real HD like no other KU band Platform

The most favorite Documentary channels – only on Freeview HD


Learn Things that you have never known

Two of the most well-known Thai Documentary channels with international content are now exclusive on Freeview HD with Samrujlok and MySci. Watch the newest Documentary series from all around the world now in stunning HD only on Freeview HD. (available in Dual Audio)

Animal Show HD : The documentary channel all about the Life of the cutest fellas in the animal kingdom bringing you closer and entertaining you now like you have never seen before in stunning HD. (Available in Dual Audio)

MySci HD : Decoding the Mysteries around yourself. MySci is the one and only 24 hr channel science and technology channel from Thailand that is perfect for young kids and adults to watch with their whole family

KhongDeePrathed Thai : A Different view of Thailand. KhongDeePrathedThai (Thainess) takes you on a journey through Thailand’s rich culture, history and arts see things in a different way like you have never seen before.

Real Metro : The art of Living life in your own personal way
Real Metro is the right channel for everybody who loves variety and lifestyle with its diverse programs ranging from home décor, gardening, fine dining and many other lifestyle inspired travel programs from Thailand as well as international.

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